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Astoria Structured Content Management Solutions

Astoria is the leader for enterprise content management. Our mission is to simplify the effort and reduce the
costs of creating, managing, and publishing the world's most complex content.

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Machine Translation

TransPerfect QuickTrans, our free translation portal, lets users translate websites and text using our own machine translation as
well as Google Translate and Bing Translator, combined into one easy interface.

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Wordfast Translation Memory Tools

Wordfast and have partnered to provide true choice in translation memory and translation workflow
solutions for our clients and a far better user experience than the translation-related software tools market currently offers.

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Founded in 1987, Milim Writing & Translation Services Ltd. is one of Israel’s premier language service providers. With a focus on business flexibility, professionalism, and technical accuracy, Milim delivers individualized solutions to clients in highly specialized industries such as automotive, aerospace, software, electronics, and communication. Milim’s linguistic expertise includes Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Spanish, and German, as well as a number of other Middle Eastern and Eastern European languages.

Milim joined the TransPerfect Family of Companies in 2011.

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