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Online Demonstration available on www.fatwire.com and www.translations.com

NEW YORK, New York, November 7, 2005 - Translations.com and FatWire Software today announced the debut of a combined product offering that eliminates barriers to cooperation between global resources. FatWire Software's premier content management application, Content Server, and Translations.com's Globalization Management System, GlobalLink, are both established as industry leading solutions in their own right. The seamless integration of these two products provides a collaboration-based solution for localizing global content into multiple languages. Integrated workflows for source language assets and subsequent target language versions make going global with FatWire simple, easy, and efficient. Moreover, the integrated products ensure that local market knowledge is not lost in translation.

"Our customers are using the Web as a strategic channel to reach a global audience," commented John Murcott, Vice President of Products & Strategy at FatWire. "They are concerned about getting sites deployed in 5 to 10 languages, and keeping the content on these sites synchronized across languages. This solution ensures that corporate and local market teams can work together efficiently to deploy content globally."

The two companies partnered to develop the FatWire Adaptor for GlobalLink, which embeds GlobalLink functionality in Content Server. From within the Content Server interface, users can identify which assets need to be sent out for localization and keep track of the progress of previously localized assets to facilitate updates and revisions. Assets requiring localization are automatically extracted from Content Server and routed to the appropriate user for localization. Upon completion of localization tasks, GlobalLink reinserts the asset into the appropriate place in Content Server.

The solution also provides workflow integration so that a localization task can be added to one or more existing workflows in FatWire Content Server. Then, whenever an asset reaches that workflow task, it will be sent out for localization through GlobalLink. Upon the return of the localized version of the asset, GlobalLink will initiate a configured workflow.

Phil Shawe, President and CEO of Translations.com said, "We have a successful relationship with FatWire based on the complementary benefits of our independent offerings. I am excited now to offer an enhanced benefit to our clients through the integration of our flagship products."

Some of the specific benefits of the combined solution from FatWire and Translations.com include:

  • Companies can increase the volume of multi-lingual content they manage with their existing resources
  • Content for multiple markets can be created and released simultaneously
  • A global organization's local market teams can have control over their content while maintaining consistent global branding
  • Companies can experience up to a 40% reduction in outsourced localization management expense

Private demonstrations of how the integrated offering delivers savings on global content deployment and collaboration are available upon request by contacting either company.

Click here to view the online demonstration.

About FatWire Software

FatWire Software enables organizations to put content to work by deploying highly persuasive content-centric applications and Web sites that attract, convert, and retain customers. FatWire's solutions are powered by Content Server, which combines complete business user control over the creation and presentation of content with a scalable architecture for dynamic content delivery and multi-site deployment. Founded in 1996, FatWire has over 400 customers, including J.P. Morgan Chase, Sony, Radisson/SAS, European Space Agency, Nihon Seimei, and Bank of China. FatWire is headquartered in New York and operates offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. For more information about FatWire Software's award-winning products and services, visit www.fatwire.com.

About Translations.com

Translations.com is known worldwide for the quality of its software and website localization, as well as its enterprise language solutions for clients in virtually every major industry. Translations.com's business services meet the strategic needs of organizations seeking to communicate and conduct business in international markets. The company has an established global presence on three continents and continues to pioneer new techniques and technologies for the rapid development of multilingual business solutions.

Translations.com is part of the TransPerfect global group of companies. For more information, please visit www.translations.com, or email the company at info@translations.com.