Quality Assurance & Software Testing
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Software Testing & Quality Assurance

At Translations.com, we test documentation, software, hardware, and firmware at every stage of the process,
and provide our clients with concrete feedback on both linguistic and functional issues.

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Machine Translation

TransPerfect QuickTrans, our free translation portal, lets users translate websites and text using our own machine translation as
well as Google Translate and Bing Translator, combined into one easy interface.

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e-Learning Localization

Translations.com is a proven leader in the translation and localization of corporate educational programs for
different languages and cultures.

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Machine Translation
E-Learning Localization

GlobalLink® TM Server (Translation Memory Server)

GlobalLink TM Server brings industry-leading, robust, reliable, and scalable translation memory technology to the localization process, improving quality and increasing content leveraging.

As a flexible solution, TM Server allows translation memories to be shared in real-time both across your organization and with partners and vendors outside the firewall.

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Key Advantages of TM Server

Increased Productivity – Optimize translation leveraging throughout your organization.

Simplified Management – Centralize all your translation memory assets in one simple environment.

Improved Consistency – Ensure the highest level of consistency across all your translated content through a unified translation repository.

Project-Specific TMs – Create project-specific memories and define user privileges for accessing, updating, and editing the enterprise-wide translation memory.

Accelerate Time-to-Market – Reduce translatable word counts, significantly shortening review cycles and overall turnaround times.

High-Performance Design – With real-time connectivity that can accommodate hundreds of simultaneous users and millions of words of language assets, GlobalLink TM Server offers a powerful tool to help your company leverage translated content as quickly and efficiently as possible.