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Global Enterprise Translation & Language Solutions

The global marketplace is expanding while consumers become ever-easier to reach. Companies that operate internationally must be able to adapt quickly internally to maintain their external visibility. Every facet of your product must be pitch perfect to communicate with customers in their language and culture.

It’s a wide, wide world. We’re here for you.

You’re welcome.


Document Translation

Have your documents translated quickly and accurately by our 4,000+ professional, native-speaker, certified-subject-matter-expert linguists. Yes, they’re impressive. Each project is subject to our ISO 9001:2008-certified quality management system—meaning you’re getting the highest level of quality and authenticity.

Website Localization

Reach all of your markets simultaneously—in the right language and with the right cultural queues. Translations.com’s suite of localization services makes it simple, whether you’re developing new sites from scratch or localization your legacy content.

Globalization & Translation Memory Tools

Also known as TM tools or computer-aided translation (CAT) tools , translation memory tools aid our translators, editors, and proofreaders turn around your projects even faster while maintaining perfect consistency across global brands. Streamlined workflows plus reduced costs equal happy clients.

GlobalLink Project Director

The flagship application of the GlobalLink Localization Suite, GlobalLink Project Director is easily configured to meet your workflow needs and enterprise translation requirements.

GlobalLink Content Director

Automatically extract content from databases, file systems, and CMS’s. Dynamically monitor content changes. Reduce hands-on project management. It’s magic. 

GlobalLink Translation & Review Portal

A central platform for all translations, revisions, and comments through which project teams can manage their assignments from project start all the way through to the review process.

GlobalLink Portal

A tool just for internal localization managers to manage their company’s translation and localization projects—near, far, big, small, and everything in between. Fully hosted, the GlobalLink Portal requires no additional technical support or overhead, but don’t let that fool you—it’s a robust set of tools that can meet the demands of any localization requirements you throw at it.

GlobalLink Term Manager

Keep your glossary in tip-top shape. Modify, review, search for, and delete existing terms and terminology and keep your brand voice consistent across projects, deliverables, and the globe. Enjoy the collaborate space GlobalLink Term Manager also provides teams in which to share glossary and language resources.

GlobalLink TM Server

A scalable translation solution that facilitates real-time sharing of translation memories. Leverage your content across your entire enterprise.

GlobalLink TransStudio

Work more efficiently in this collaborative, Java-based editing environment with translation memory access and suite-wide interoperability. Use it as a stand-alone tool or integrate it with your existing workflows. 


Translations.com’s Enterprise Translation Solution

Translations.com and our GlobalLink suite of enterprise translation tools is your scalable translation and language solution. Build and maintain your database of repeated, expertly translated text and use it, and reuse it, and reuse it, and reiterate it, over and over and over again in every market. And every application. And every culture.

Expand your reach with our help. 

Translations.com’s Solution

With a diverse array of customizable services and technologies, Translations.com serves as a one-stop shop to meet all your enterprise translation needs. By utilizing industry-leading computer-assisted translation – CAT – memory tools, Translations.com is able to maintain a database of repeated text to be used and reused over and over again, reducing your costs for future translation work and speeding up overall time-to-market. Additionally, for organizations requesting translations from several different, and sometimes dispersed, business units, Translations.com’s GlobalLink Suite of GMS technology provides a central platform through which each user can access previously translated assets, manage terminology glossaries, and monitor ongoing translation projects. Our enterprise scale technology solutions are lightweight and configurable to almost any platform on the customer’s side, and each offering is backed by our award-winning technical support and 24/7 client service.