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Multilingual Interactive Voice Response System 

Are your customers getting the same messages in Tagalog as they are in English as they are in Farsi? Compete globally with multilingual brand consistency through state-of-the-art multilingual interactive voice response system (IVRS) solutions.

Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) Management

The IVRS Challenge

Multilingual brand consistency is paramount when competing in a global marketplace. Tranlsations.com has an array of IVRS solutions to help companies communicate with consumers, partners, and employees quickly, effectively, and accurately. Our processes are streamlined, our quality management is ISO 9001:2008-certified, we have enterprise-wide glossary development—all of this to support consistency across your brand, worldwide.

But we won’t just deploy your solution and move along. We provide ongoing support for prompt updates, glossary changes, and talent scouting for your voice talent. All while maintaining the same efficiencies as when your solution was first put in place.

IVRS Solutions & Services

Voice Prompt Translation

Get native. For every translation we complete, three independent native-speaker translators translate, proof, and edit each script before recording. We craft content that reads as though it was created in the target language originally—not awkward one-to-one passages.

Cultural Consulting

Missteps and faux pas abound without cultural consulting. Translations.com has a network of culture experts who know which of your prompts might run afoul of your target audience—and who can fix them.

Professional Voice Recording

Find the ideal voice for your project, down to dialect. Translations.com has a deep roster of professional, tested, seasoned voice over actors to bring your prompt scripts to life.

Multilingual Production Supervision

We don’t just provide voice talent and translators—Translations.com has a team of native language production supervisors on board to make sure your production goes smoothly from beginning to end, overseeing and coordinating every part of your project. This gets you the best results in the least amount of time.

International & Multilingual Recruiting & Staffing

Have a call center? Need a team of multilingual reps? Translations.com has the connections to help you build a superstar team. Just tell us your candidate specifications and we’ll deliver the best linguistic experts in the right specialties—fast.

Audio Engineering

Professional studios for professional recording, editing, and production to yield output in whatever format you need for your system. Expect nothing less from Translations.com.

Interactive Voice Response System Validation

We don’t throw you to the wolves and hope for the best after your system’s in place. Translations.com has a native-speaker beta testing team to ensure your IVRS is in tip top shape before it’s deployed.

Interactive Voice Response System Management


To complete in an increasingly globalized economy, top companies are challenged to find new ways communicate with consumers, partners, and employees quickly and effectively. To help organizations cope with these challenges, Translations.com provides an array of multilingual IVRS solutions. Our streamlined processes, stringent ISO 9001:2008-certified quality management, and enterprise-wide glossary development, ensure accuracy and consistency across global brands.

We consistently provide ongoing support by updating prompts as needed. Whether you need help scouting expert voice talent or in-country/target-market testing of completed IVRS systems, Translations.com will help you overcome these challenges through strategic localization of your Interactive Voice Response System – IVR—a process designed to drive maximum efficiency from start to finish.