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Multilingual E-Learning & Training Solutions

World-class training and e-Learning solutions to keep your global workforce on the same page. Whether you're subtitling existing materials or need a new custom solution, Translations.com has you covered.

The Global E-Learning Challenge

When your corporation has international outposts, maintaining a unified team and corporate culture is challenging. Diversity is great for business, but can slow down the training process and muddy the brand voice waters. Companies need custom-made e-Learning solutions—and that’s exactly what Translations.com provides. 

Our Multilingual E-Learning & Training Services

All of our 70+ offices are 9001:2008 certified, provide round-the-clock production, and have region-specific expertise. Oh, and there are customized applications we can combine to create turn-key solutions for your e-Learning challenges.

It doesn’t matter if you’re training on technical or business topics—we’ll get you there.

Source Content Translation

Translations.com’s certified three-step content translation process, TEP—translating, editing, proofing—combined with state-of-the-art technology and the world’s most rigorously tested and trained linguists, makes our translated a cut above. We don’t just complete one-to-one translations; we craft content like it was originally created in the target language. We can create high-quality translations for your personnel in the following areas:


  • Computer-based training
  • Web-based training
  • SCORM (shareable content object reference model) compliant
  • Training courses
  • Self-paced assessment/certification programs
  • Multimedia development applications
  • Learning management and learning content management systems

Cultural Consultation

Are you sure you’re conveying your intended message every time you cross cultural borders? Translations.com goes beyond translating words. Our cultural consultants ensure that your e-Learning materials are culturally appropriate for each and every one of your audiences and offices.

Voiceovers & Subtitling

Our voiceover and subtitling experts are the best in the business—in over 100 languages. Have corporate training videos, webcasts, educational TV content that you want to share? We have a custom solution to meet your needs and the needs of your target audience.

Translations.com has a network of native-speaking voiceover artists who have the experience and knowledge to convey your company’s message to your workforce—your words in their languages.



The Translations.com Global E-Learning Solution

Translations.com has unparalleled language expertise and 20+ years of being on the language technology cutting edge. No matter who you’re training in what or where, we will deliver a solution or suite of solutions to meet your needs.

World class training solutions for a global audience.