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Webinar - Clear & Simple: Reduce Content Costs with Global English

August 22, 2013
12:00 PM EDT

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Unlike taking your car to the shop, you can't just send your content for translation and leave it to the experts to make everything work perfectly. Why not? Because the biggest factor affecting translation quality is often the quality of your English source content.

The quality of your translations isn't the only thing at stake. Problems in your English source can increase effort, cost, and risk in the translation process.

Global English is an evidence-based set of writing techniques that eliminate these problems by reducing the ambiguity and increasing the clarity of your content. Not only can Global English lead to better translated content, but it also benefits other audiences such as native and non-native English readers and visually impaired readers who use screen readers.

In this webinar, we'll explain what Global English is and how its techniques can dramatically increase the readability of your content and significantly reduce your translation costs.


Greg Adams has over 15 years of experience writing and editing technical, marketing, PR, web, and entertainment content. He contributed to nine books in the All-Music Guide series, and his writing has appeared on MTV.com and MS-NBC Entertainment. He is the managing editor at Cook Medical, a medical device manufacturer, and specializes in Global English, plain language, and content strategy for international business and technical communications.

Matthew Kaul has worked in communications for 7 years as a writer, editor, and teacher. Before moving to the medical device industry, he was the managing editor of an academic research journal. He currently spends most of his time thinking about plain language, Global English, and cross-cultural communication. He also reads and reviews books on a wide range of topics.