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NEW YORK, New York, September 07, 2000 — Translations.com today announced it will serve as the exclusive partner for language services within The Home Depot. As part of the three-year agreement, Translations.com will provide the company with enterprise-wide language and technology solutions, working with all departments and divisions that require translation services.

Under terms of the exclusive partnership, Translations.com will be the sole provider of language services to The Home Depot's operations in the United States, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Chile and Canada, including EXPO Design Center, Maintenance Warehouse and Villager's Hardware.

The Home Depot's firm-wide consolidation of all multilingual content with Translations.com is innovative from a quality and consistency perspective and is expected to generate significant cost-savings due to economies of scale and elimination of repetitive work across divisions, according to a company spokesperson.

"In Translations.com, we've found a partner with the cultural adaptation expertise, the language industry experience, and the technological prowess to assist us with our language needs as we become more of a global company," said Rob Hallam, Home Depot vice president, internal communications.

"It is exciting to work with a company that clearly intends to maintain its leadership position," said Phil Shawe, President &CEO of Translations.com. "The Home Depot has a long tradition of setting the standard and we look forward to our role as a partner over the next three years."

Founded in 1978, Atlanta-based Home Depot currently has 1,022 stores throughout North and South America.

About Translations.com

Translations.com is known worldwide for the quality of its software and website localization, as well as its enterprise language solutions for clients in virtually every major industry. Translations.com's business services meet the strategic needs of organizations seeking to communicate and conduct business in international markets. The company has an established global presence on three continents and continues to pioneer new techniques and technologies for the rapid development of multilingual business solutions.

Translations.com is part of the TransPerfect global group of companies. For more information, please visit www.translations.com, or email the company at info@translations.com.