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TransPerfect has doubled its revenues each year since the firm's inception by providing every conceivable language related service in 100 languages as well as exceeding customer expectations through developing customized business solutions with projects that are highly complex or which have extremely tight deadlines. TransPerfect has distinguished itself from other translation companies by providing value-added solutions. TransPerfect has become a premiere resource for International Fortune 500 and Fortune 1,000 companies. Its client roster includes but is not limited to: American Express, American Airlines, Amoco, Boeing, GTE, IBM, Motorola, Pepsi, Salomon Smith Barney, Time Warner Inc., US Airways, and Volvo.

For these multinational companies, TransPerfect provides services such as translation, interpreting, desktop publishing, graphic services, web site development, software localization, multimedia presentations, and multicultural marketing. With over 120 full time employees on staff and a network of 3,000 language experts, TransPerfect Translations has the ability to provide the above-mentioned specialized services in 18 specific categories including the financial, marketing, legal, and pharmaceutical industries.

Exploding Internet revenues and 60% non-native English speaking visitors to websites motivates the new subsidiary: Translations.com.

For some time, TransPerfect has been offering website and software localization and numerous translation projects that require complex HTML formatting and graphic editing, including the editing of animated website images. To date, TransPerfect's client roster for these projects includes Charles Schwab, DoubleClick, and BankBoston. TransPerfect Translations has created a new company: Translations.com to focus on fulfilling clients' complex website and software localization needs as this market continues its explosive growth. The company was launched on November 1.

According to Jupiter Communications, less than 40% of visitors to most websites are native-born speakers of the English language. This number is expected to rise to 70% by the year 2005 as international Internet usage continues to grow. Therefore, clients are beginning to understand that it is essential to communicate in the language of international customers to effectively compete in today's global marketplace through the Internet. Websites that are built with in-language copywriting and sensitivity to acceptable cultural content and design ensure that companies will be effectively communicating to customers around the world, without alienating core constituencies.

About Translations.com

Translations.com is known worldwide for the quality of its software and website localization, as well as its enterprise language solutions for clients in virtually every major industry. Translations.com's business services meet the strategic needs of organizations seeking to communicate and conduct business in international markets. The company has an established global presence on three continents and continues to pioneer new techniques and technologies for the rapid development of multilingual business solutions.

Translations.com is part of the TransPerfect global group of companies. For more information, please visit www.translations.com, or email the company at info@translations.com.