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Customers to be Supplied with Support for Existing Translation Memory Assets, Uninterrupted Language Translation Services, Integration of Existing Workflow, and a Clear Roadmap for Software Migration to the GlobalLink Product Suite

NEW YORK, New York, February 11, 2008 – Translations.com today announced a comprehensive offering for clients currently running solutions from either Idiom or SDL that includes a flexible roadmap for transitioning to Translations.com's GlobalLink™ Product Suite. Translations.com's Safe Passage Program provides companies a strategy for migrating away from the uncertainties arising out of the merger of SDL/Trados' and Idiom's technologies, and a clear roadmap to assist these companies in evolving to the next generation of business software.

In making the announcement, Translations.com revealed that it is concurrently releasing a substantially upgraded version of its flagship GlobalLink GMS platform. Key elements of the GlobalLink Product Suite include state-of-the-art server side translation memory technology, an automated translation workflow engine, and seamless integrations with leading content management, document management, and database systems. In an effort to provide this highest possible level of flexibility, Translations.com has designed the GlobalLink Product Suite to be modular, with individual components able to function as stand-alone tools or as part of an integrated, end-to-end solution. Components of the suite include: GlobalLink Content Director, GlobalLink Project Director, GlobalLink Term Manager, GlobalLink TM Server, GlobalLink Portal, and GlobalLink TransStudio.

The Translations.com Safe Passage Program will provide clients with the comfort and flexibility to plan their software, workflow, and translation memory migration strategies at their own pace. Organizations running Idiom or SDL solutions will be able to seamlessly maintain their localization processes while expanding their infrastructure with the Translations.com GlobalLink platform, which includes connectors for all leading translation memory formats, databases, and content management systems. As a result, these organizations will benefit from an integration of their current localization initiatives with one open platform that enables flexible business processes and the ability to leverage maximum translation memory across the entire enterprise.

In making the announcement, Translations.com said its Safe Passage Program was a considerably better opportunity for customers than other available offerings, with benefits including:

  • Hassle Free TM Migration - Translations.com assumes the tasks of translation memory maintenance, workflow migration, and support issues in migration;
  • Investment Protection - Translations.com recognizes existing IT investments and offers an easy to understand upgrade cost plan; additionally, customers can gain immediate integration benefits from the GlobalLink Product Suite, which will allow them to extend the life of their existing investments in Idiom or SDL/Trados;
  • Next Generation Technologies - Translations.com offers a well thought out and published technology roadmap for a more scalable platform and suite of next generation technologies.

"Our first priority is ensuring that any current users concerned about the future Idiom and SDL roadmap will be protected from both service disruption and being locked into any one service provider. Many Idiom customers based their purchasing decision on the technology being independent from any service provider. Therefore, it is clear that customers running Idiom and SDL will have serious concerns about the future migration of those software packages and how they will be supported," said Phil Shawe, President and CEO, Translations.com.

Shawe continued, "As a trusted advisor and leader in localization services and software, Translations.com can bring comfort and choice to this situation by offering our customers a reliable long-term strategy, while providing a comprehensive roadmap to next-generation localization solutions. On the one hand, we can offer companies protection for their Idiom or SDL investments, and, on the other hand, we can provide safe passage for customers as they migrate and consolidate their localization technologies."

More information about the Safe Passage Program can be found at www.translations.com/safe_passage.html.

About Translations.com
Translations.com is a leading provider of software, website, and enterprise-wide localization services, as well as localization-related technology products. Translations.com solutions allow customers to conduct business more effectively in international markets. The company has a global presence on four continents and services a variety of clients with dedicated practice groups for every major industry. Translations.com is part of the TransPerfect family of companies. For more information, please visit www.translations.com.