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It's the elephant in the room.

To stay relevant, businesses need to juggle unprecedented volumes of content across a dizzying array of platforms and channels—and at lightning speeds.

Plus, much of that content needs to be available in multiple languages.

Artificial Intelligence. It sounds like a sci-fi buzzword of tomorrow—but when it comes to global content strategy, the future is here today. Anticipating the potential for AI to revolutionize the way businesses manage and publish multilingual content, the language services industry has been a major driving force in the advancement of neural machine translation technology. TransPerfect’s GlobalLink AI practice is dedicated to helping clients future-proof their rapidly expanding content universe by combining best-of-breed neural machine translation technology with best-practice approaches for optimizing content and business processes.

Why Use Machine Translation?

Manage High Volumes

When translation is essential, but volumes are enormous, MT provides a practical and affordable solution. Your translation process can be configured with a range of different MT technologies and light or heavy human post-editing to ensure your needs for cost, quality, and speed are met.

Optimize Translation Investment

For high-volume, rapidly changing, and/or micro-targeted content, you can affordably reach a wider audience through a targeted combination of machine translation and post-edited MT. MT also provides a cost-effective option for incrementally expanding language capabilities in customer support and other difficult-to-scale business areas.

Shorten Time to Market

When time is of the essence, a well-crafted MT strategy provides first-mover advantage in highly competitive markets. For more structured content, a well-trained MT engine with human post-editing can achieve quality comparable to a fully human process at faster speeds. In online content where speed is paramount, clients can opt to immediately publish draft MT content then follow up with a post-editing step to enhance quality.

Get the Gist

When all you need is a “quick and dirty” translation of foreign language content for internal review of documents, legal text, web content, and more, a private and confidential MT platform provides an affordable solution without risk of data breaches.

We Know How

  • Unparalleled Expertise – 15+ years’ experience successfully deploying natural language processing, machine translation, and artificial intelligence technology for global clients worldwide.

  • Industry-Specific Engines – Never start from square one. Our industry-specific engines (travel, pharma, retail, finance, legal, etc.) provide impressive out-of-the-box accuracy and a stronger foundation from which to develop your dedicated engine.

  • Your Terminology & Voice – Train your dedicated engine to speak the language of your brand through a combination of supervised inputs (human professional translation, terminology glossaries, etc.) and automated machine learning techniques.

  • Risk Mitigation & Confidentiality – We offer the ease of use and intelligence of a crowdsourced neural MT platform without the security risks. Your engine is dedicated to YOUR business alone, and all inputs and outputs are kept 100% confidential.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Real Challenges

Live Support

Connect your live support applications to our MT API to provide real-time, bi-directional translation of live chat content.

Predictive Models for Translation Quality

To enhance the speed and accuracy of MT post-editing, we utilize predictive models to automatically flag potential quality issues, allowing proofreaders and editors to take rapid corrective action.

Text Summarization

Ideal for document discovery requirements, we can provide a controlled summary of foreign language documents in your native language, helping you quickly identify topics of interest or pinpoint key documents for full translation.

Automated Content Creation

Supercharge your international SEO automatically. Rather than manually seeding keywords in your page copy, leverage AI technology to automate the process.

Predictive Typing

Predictive typing technology boosts productivity during human translation and post-editing steps. Costs and turnarounds are reduced while consistency and accuracy are improved.

Image Processing

From detecting text in images to improving the accuracy of the optical character recognition, our technology lets us transcribe and translate scanned documents more accurately than ever before.

Speech Recognition

Advanced speech recognition technology automates and streamlines subtitling, transcription, and time-coding for a variety of media.

Natural Language Understanding

Advancements in natural language processing and artificial intelligence let you classify and understand your documents quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Technology, Your Way

We offer a variety of flexible options for leveraging TransPerfect’s GlobalLink AI technology.

GlobalLink Suite Integration

Seamlessly integrate our AI technology into any combination of GlobalLink products.

Third-Party API Integration

Our full-featured API enables you to deploy GlobalLink AI across your live chat, marketing, and other third-party applications.

Chat Applications

Customer Service

Tech Support


Standalone, private, and secure neural machine translation portal.


  • Simple, customizable UI to translate free text or files
  • Support for most common file formats, including Microsoft Office and scanned documents


  • Customized MT engine training available
  • SSO available


  • Configurable retention rules for translated files
  • Encrypted connection
  • All content is 100% confidential