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Your company is going global,
and you’re new to localization.

or maybe you’re expanding your existing international presence,
and your multilingual requirements are increasing.

Unless you have an army of full-time, in-house copywriters on staff
in every market around the world and for every language,
you probably need to deal with translation.

Handling translation the old-fashioned way means countless emails, disorganized source files, version-control issues, delayed launches, and no transparency into the translation process with outside vendors. And if your organization is decentralized, you may have different countries and markets handling translation and localization in different ways.

To successfully manage your global presence, you need:


A secure, central location where translation projects can be submitted, tracked, and delivered in real time.

Secure Real Time

A cloud-based translation management system (TMS) that can handle virtually any file type and language requirement while also providing audit trails and user control.

Cloud-Based Advanced Tracking Any File Type

A platform that integrates into your existing back-end systems and allows you to manage multilingual online and offline content in a familiar way.

Integration Customizable

GlobalLink provides all of these solutions and many more.

GlobalLink is a SaaS solution that combines project management, workflow automation, app localization, and translation memory into a one-stop shop for all of your translation and globalization needs. Having one solution to manage all processes drastically reduces the time, money, and effort required to communicate effectively all over the world.

No content is off-limits with Connect, the integration layer of GlobalLink. Connect automates the push/pull of content from back-end systems, such as CMS, PIM, e-commerce, and marketing automation platforms.

Cloud-based deployment makes GlobalLink IT-friendly, with the highest standards for privacy and data security.
Intuitive platform can be implemented quickly and with minimal IT requirements or user training.
GlobalLink can handle nearly any file type and has pre-built integrations with more back-end systems than any other translation management solution.
Centralized tracking, reporting, and auditing functionality gives you maximum control over workflows, and in-context editing allows for quick review of InDesign and other formatted files.
View and approve real-time quotes that include statistics on matches to previously translated content.

Over 5,000 of the world’s leading organizations trust the GlobalLink Translation Management Platform.
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