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Translations.com is a leading provider of language support solutions across a number of industries. To effectively meet the unique requirements of each industry, Translations.com has created dedicated internal teams whose primary focus is to serve the needs of our clients in every sector. Additionally, each translator in our network of over 4,000 certified linguists is continually tested for proficiency in his or her respective field, enabling us to select the most qualified translator for each job.


Translations.com's dedicated advertising and marketing translation teams understand the challenges facing companies today as they grow their business in new sectors. As the market becomes increasingly global, knowing how to communicate effectively in each language and culture becomes increasingly important.


Today's car buyer never had it so good. The automobile industry is providing products that last longer, go faster, handle better, look cooler, keep people safer, have more features, and cost relatively less than ever before. In contrast, today's car manufacturers never had such tough roads to navigate. Global price wars and excess capacity are just two of the major challenges facing clients of our Automotive Practice Group. Executing a cost-effective localization strategy is one way Translations.com helps our automotive clients contend with their intense cost pressures. Whether we are helping an automotive manufacturer adapt their brand voice for the U.S. Spanish-speaking market or localizing elements of the buyers' post-purchase experience, we are dedicated to helping our clients increase revenue and enhance customer satisfaction.


Global energy and power companies generally have translation requirements that span the full spectrum of their activities, both in upstream areas such as exploration and drilling and in downstream functions like refining and retail marketing.