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For today's global products, companies are called upon to create an expanding array of content—documentation, online help, training, reference materials, web-based support, etc.


Once written, this material and information is processed in different tools and media, translated into multiple languages, and disseminated to audiences worldwide within a very short timeframe and on tight budgets. The results can be costly, and more importantly, the information might not be optimized or even clear.

ABREVE was created by the ArchiText division of Translations.com to help authors create and manage content in this environment—accurately and effectively—in any format and in every language.

ABREVE is an innovative, patent-pending content globalization solution that:

  • Reduces source text volume
  • Dramatically lowers localization and deployment costs
  • Greatly improves consistency and raises content usability
  • Streamlines the multilingual content delivery process

ABREVE is a source-to-source process that works with the original content, combining globalized writing, editing, and content structuring techniques with state-of-the-art translation memory (TM) tools. The result is maximum usability for your content and much lower localization costs. Whether you are localizing into 3 or 30 languages—or even if you're not localizing at all yet—globalization through ABREVE is far more lucrative and efficient than you may have thought possible.

ABREVE for Windows

ABREVE for Windows helps you do what technology does best—right at your desktop. As the trusted name in content globalization, this technology compares disparate data, tracks large volumes of consistencies within content, and identifies inconsistencies across files, providing you with metrics all along the way.

Benefits of ABREVE for Windows

  • Text Reduction – With ABREVE for Windows, you get less than what you bargain for: Less content, less costs, less waste. The technology's built-in rules identify bulk text and recommend reductions while allowing you to customize rules of your own as you go.
  • Consistency Scan – Greater consistency directly drives the translation memory leveraging process. By building a real-time memory, you are presented with a list of similar text segments, resulting in more re-usable content with standardized style, treatments, and terminology.
  • Metrics – Inherently metrics driven, ABREVE for Windows tracks total word count from start to finish. By comparing segment matching against the source content itself, you are able to measure the precise optimization effect and zero in on key opportunities.
  • Content GlobalizationABREVE for Windows utilizes an authoring memory created in real time, accompanied by the tracking metrics, to localize overall costs and time to market. Based on the ABREVE methodology which is highly recognized across the content industry, ABREVE for Windows allows you to hold complete control of your final product.