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Astoria Software

The world's leading technology and manufacturing companies rely on Astoria On-Demand to deliver solutions that leverage and extend XML based DITA compliant content management for dynamic publishing. Astoria On-Demand ensures that customers optimize the author-to-publish process for the world's most complex mission-critical documents. The payoff is reduced time to market, more rapid expansion into global markets, a fast and significant increase in top-line revenue growth, and enhanced information quality, reliability, accuracy, and precision. In addition, our offering provides the lowest total cost of ownership and the highest return on investment of any on-demand content management system.


Astoria On-Demand's XML content management system is driving the revolution for Dynamic Product Documentation. The world's leading manufacturing organizations are using Astoria On-Demand's fully integrated, complete end-to-end solution to dynamically create, review, manage, and publish their most complex mission critical information. Astoria On-Demand delivers a positive return on investment for our customers in less than one year—and in most cases in less than six months.

More than 100 companies worldwide, including ITT Corp, Siemens Healthcare, and others, have successfully deployed our solutions to increase operational efficiency, improve content integrity, and decrease time-to-publish of their most valuable documents.