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Advance Auto Parts


An industry leader in automotive parts availability, customer service, and pricing, Advance Auto Parts operates more than 2,600 stores in 39 states, as well as offering branches in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands under the Western Auto name. With more than 41,000 Team Members, Advance Auto Parts is proud of its friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff, and credits them with its continued growth and success.


As the US Hispanic market continues to grow in population, so does its purchasing power. Recent estimates conclude that Hispanic consumers based in the US contribute $653 billion in spending each year-a number that reflects their current status as the largest minority population in the country. Recognizing their potential, Advance Auto Parts sought a way to promote its services via the Internet by localizing its website into Spanish.

  • Translations.com was faced with the task of localizing thousands of words of content for the US Spanish website.
  • A strict framework of projects was established, with deadlines that had to be maintained.
  • The majority of Advance Auto Parts' website content existed in complex back-end databases, a situation which did not lend to the ease of translatable submission.


Drawing on extensive experience in dealing with clients in the retail industry, Translations.com quickly recognized the value to be gained by relaying Advance Auto Parts' distinct branding message across languages. A technical solution was required that would allow Advance Auto Parts to efficiently meet its needs. Enter GlobalLink, Translations.com's proprietary content management software.

  • GlobalLink automated file extraction, submission, and retrieval, thereby accelerating the localization routine with a fluid process.
  • GlobalLink granted Advance Auto Parts' content managers and marketing managers easy access to sending and receiving content for translation, while greatly decreasing training initiatives on this automation.
  • Deliverable schedules were not compromised, as a result of the separation of technical and localization components of each project. This allowed independent linguistic tasks to be completed without disturbing data reliability in other facets.
  • To preserve Advance Auto Parts' unique voice, linguistic specialists built pre-flight style guides and glossaries that connected key words and phrases from the source English to the best-fit Spanish equivalent, further ensuring project consistency

As a result of the well executed localization initiative for Advance Auto Parts, the Spanish website was quickly received by its new audience. Translations.com was able to meet Advance Auto Parts' budgetary constraints and is proud to have aided greatly in their newfound success.

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