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Multicultural Marketing

Whether your focus is on worldwide markets or a target ethnic group in your own country, Translations.com's multicultural marketing team will partner with you to maximize the effectiveness of your international marketing campaign.

Multilingual Brand Management

Like no other player in the localization space, we understand the importance of Multilingual Brand Management. Translations.com has focused on cross-cultural branding since its inception.

Through our linguistic pre-flight services, we work with our clients' in-country resources to adapt their brand guides into a truly global corporate asset. Beyond the brand guide, we create proprietary style guides and glossaries for your most important brand-specific terminology to ensure consistency over time and across media. We don't cross our fingers and hope that translated marketing copy will be embraced by the target audience; we perform the same level of brand diligence you would expect from your advertising agency, and we often work in close coordination with our clients' agencies of record to ensure that we adapt your brand voice for all target markets.

Whether you are communicating your corporate mission, vision, and values to a newly acquired employee base or offering a new e-commerce option for your existing markets, working with Translations.com ensures that each initiative is on brand and on market.

Some clients entering a market for the first time require wholesale cultural consulting, target market surveying, and other services to make sure their first step is the right one. Other clients may only require slight brand tweaking and language adaptation to communicate most effectively with their audience. Whatever your challenges, Translations.com can guide you through a process that will deliver success.

Copy Adaptation

Translations.com’s multicultural marketing copy adaptation is more than document translation in over 170 languages. The key to successful marketing adaptation lies in branding research, cultural consulting by expert teams, and the expertise gleaned from two decades of multicultural marketing experience. Translations.com has the teams and experience to act as an in-house advertising agency to create and deploy advertising copy that puts our clients firmly in control of their desired message.


Our experts embark upon a long process when a tagline, catchphrase, or body of copy is to be adapted. Rather than translating the source material, our teams produce culturally relevant and resonant copy specific to the language and locale of the target market. Creative wordplay, alliteration, or assonance must be retained in the target language for the marketing copy to have the same effect and resonance it had in its source language.


  • Brand Research
    Analysis of potential associations of names, words, and colors in materials such as marketing collateral, packaging, logos, web content, direct mail, and annual reports
  • Testing and Surveys
    In-person data collection, interactive online survey tools, and end-client feedback
  • Subtitling
    After source material is mastered in target language, linguists adjust length of subtitling to ensure readability for the viewer, while maintaining nuance and timing with visual media
  • Voiceovers and Dubbing
    Native-speaking voiceover actors ensure messaging is conveyed in local dialect with cultural relevance, while maintaining lip synchronization, timing, and extremely high production value

Multicultural Brand Research

Our creative marketing team has done pioneering work in developing questionnaires and surveys and conducting brand research in diverse cultures to test and evaluate branding concepts and marketing strategies. Employing our network of over 5,000 specialists worldwide, we have ready access to test markets in virtually every country.

Our multicultural brand research process has been refined to analyze potential associations of names, words, color schemes, and graphic elements in any culture worldwide, helping you to avoid cultural pitfalls and maximize the impact of your marketing initiatives. Translations.com's team will provide you with concrete, detailed feedback on your branding efforts, including elements such as:

  • Logos
  • Branding Collateral
  • Packaging
  • Web Content
  • Annual Reports
  • Direct Mail

Transcreation Services

Translations.com's transcreation experts can take your tagline or catchphrase and create a version that conveys the same nuances, tone, and meaning—in over 170 languages. Rather than translating the source material, our transcreation teams use cultural and linguistic expertise drawn from the target market to produce a culturally appropriate version without losing the impact of your source text.

Text featuring creative wordplay and techniques such as assonance or alliteration requires more than a straightforward translation; it needs to be transcreated to ensure this impact is retained. Transcreation services encompass drafting, testing, and refining stages—similar to the workflow used by advertising agencies to write source copy—in order to achieve the desired effect in the target language. The same process can also be applied to longer body copy where appropriate.

Back-translations and explanations of any adapted copy are supplied along with the transcreation deliverables, putting you firmly in control of the message that is to be transmitted.