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Clinical Research Organization (CRO)

Accelerate the clinical research process and to execute studies in the most applicable market, wherever in the world that market might be.

Contract Research Translation

As the number of new drug, biotechnology, and medical device products under development continues to grow, life sciences companies increasingly turn to CROs to accelerate the clinical research process and to execute studies in the most applicable market, wherever in the world that market might be. With so many complexities confronting CROs with their client, CROs are increasingly searching for an answer to managing the language process. The answer: Translations.com.

Translations.com is a worldwide leader in localization solutions with a specialized practice for the life sciences. Our localization practice has been developed based on the understanding that our clients require reliable results that add value to the product development process. Our project management teams, experienced in every aspect of product localization and translation, ensure that every project is carefully documented and efficiently managed, thus enabling our clients to receive their translations with turnaround times that are, on average, over 30% faster than those of our competitors.

Other advantages to our CRO partners:

  • Ability to work with any medium, from hand-written Case Report Forms and Study protocols to electronic user interface and software localization.
  • Quality Control procedures ensuring a complete translation process executed by linguists who are both experts in the subject matter and native speakers of the target language. Our linguists furthermore understand the importance of providing translations written at a suitable level for your target audience based on location and/or socioeconomic background.  
  • Translations.com is recognized worldwide for the quality we provide, virtually guaranteeing that our certified translations will be accepted by regulatory agencies worldwide.
  • In-country regulatory assistance for packaging and labeling whether for clinical trials or for market approved commercialization.
  • Internal technologies and procedures that ensure consistency across a CRO's clients and projects. We build a translation memory and SOP for each client and are able to customize service so that you can optimally leverage your translation.

We invite you to contact us to review the many options and opportunities that Translations.com can make available to your firm for deeper, faster market penetration abroad.

CRO Client List

We're honored to serve some of the world's leading corporations. If you'd like to learn more about Translations.com client solutions by examining a case study, please contact us.

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  • Icon Clinical Research
  • Kendle International
  • MDS Pharma Services
  • Omnicare Clinical Research
  • PARAXEL International
  • PharmaNet
  • PRA International
  • Quintiles Transnational