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HealthCare Marketing

We are the custodians of the multilingual brand voice for the most prestigious firms in healthcare—and it's a responsibility we don't take lightly.

Healthcare Marketing
Translation & Localization

Working with both agencies and in-house teams, the marketing professionals in our Life Sciences practice group are experts in adapting brands for the global market. The adaptation of healthcare marketing materials is far more than just translating the words —it's translating the ideas and doing so in a manner that the target culture will embrace.

While many of our clients would consider their salesforce to be the most important asset in driving growth, they also understand the immense impact that marketing communications material can have when competing in a global market, or even in an ethnically diverse domestic market. The demand from our clients to assist them with DTC (direct-to-consumer) projects has been nothing short of explosive.

Translations.com has risen to meet this challenge and deliver global branded communications for some of the world's most prescribed drugs and healthcare products. Further, with physician bandwidth for salespeople becoming harder to come by and the marketing emphasis of the blockbuster era, Translations.com expects this growth in DTC projects to continue.

Color, styles, and tone must all be carefully considered in the context of the appropriate cultural communication to the target market. We combine our ability to adapt healthcare brands with an understanding of the complex regulatory issues our clients face when operating internationally. We invite you to contact us and see what we can offer.

US Hispanic Healthcare Marketing
Translation & Localization

With over 13 million Hispanics online researching information today, health and pharmaceutical companies have the ability to tap into one of the largest growing market segments in the US. In fact, US Hispanics between the ages of 18-34 are more likely to research information about disease and health online, than rely on their personal physician. With the growing emphasis on personalized information, and increased demand for email updates, the opportunity to reach US Hispanics in their own target language has never been greater.

For US Hispanics, access to information in their native language regarding medical conditions and available treatment could be the difference in saving lives. US Hispanics comprise almost 18% of the US population afflicted by HIV/AIDS, and Diabetes is two to three times more common among Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans than non-Hispanic whites. These statistics are attributed to the lack of access to good healthcare and good health insurance which is compounded by the lack of available information in the native languages of these population segments.

Healthcare Marketing Client List

We're honored to serve some of the world's leading corporations. If you'd like to learn more about Translations.com client solutions by examining a case study, please email us.

  • Cline, Davis & Mann
  • CommonHealth
  • Dorland Global Health
  • Euro RSCG Life
  • FCB
  • Grey Healthcare
  • GSW Worldwide
  • HealthStar Communications
  • Lyon Lavey Nickel Swift
  • Merkley + Partners
  • Saatchi & Saatchi