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Legal Translations

For over 16 years, TransPerfect Legal Solutions has built an unmatched reputation for providing the best legal translation in the industry.

Whether you need a ten-page legal translation turned around the same day, or you are responding to a DOJ request to translate two and a half million words by the end of the week, TransPerfect Legal Solutions has the experience and resources available to complete your legal translation project on time and on budget.

We provide four different legal translation options based on your project's requirements, including:

  • Certified Legal Translation: TLS assigns three professional legal translators certified through the TransPerfect Linguist Certification (TLC) program to create and proofread each translation.
  • Legal Translation Only: Your documents are translated by a certified translator but are not subject to the proofreading or in-house quality assurance stages associated with certified translation.
  • Summary Legal Translation: A certified translator will read through your documents and assess the most important elements of the text, which are then translated into the target language.
  • Machine Translation: When extremely large volumes of data need to be processed in a short amount of time, TLS can use OCR software and high-quality machine translation tools to translate your legal documents.To find out more about our Machine Translation solutions, visit our sister site TransPerfect Legal.

After your documents have been translated, TLS offers a wide range of options to manage your data, including:

  • Bilingual coding: When foreign language material appears during coding, TLS is the only company that offers simultaneous coding and translation—saving you time and money.
  • ESI Processing: Our expert legal staff uses a meticulous process to collect and restore digital evidence. We have the capability to process complex data in-house or, if needed, to work on-site to convert files for processing. Find out more about our ESI Processing solutions at our sister site, TransPerfect Legal.
  • Web-Based Hosting: TLS's web-based hosting and review platforms enable you to securely host and quickly access all your electronic documents anywhere in the world. Find out more about our Web-Based Hosting solutions at our sister site, TransPerfect Legal.
  • GlobalLink Patent Translation Portal: An easy-to-use, web-based gateway for uploading and downloading patent translation projects, tracking requests, and receiving quotations. Find out more about our Patent Translation Portal on our sister site, TransPerfect Legal.
  • Translations Delivery: TLS can format your translations to virtually any program on the market for a quick local review or for your existing litigation software database.

Success Stories

  • When a prominent law firm found itself with over 100,000 words of highly technical, legal Chinese to translate over a weekend, TLS was able to turn around the translations in 48 hours so they were ready for court on Monday morning.You can view the Case Study at our sister site, TransPerfect Legal.
  • When a well-known IP firm needed a patent translated into five different languages over a holiday weekend, TLS employed multiple linguists who were able to work around the clock to deliver all five versions of the patent on time in compliance with strict legal guidelines. You can view the Case Study at our sister site, TransPerfect Legal.