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Astoria Structured Content Management Solutions

Astoria is the leader for enterprise content management. Our mission is to simplify the effort and reduce the
costs of creating, managing, and publishing the world's most complex content.

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Machine Translation

TransPerfect QuickTrans, our free translation portal, lets users translate websites and text using our own machine translation as
well as Google Translate and Bing Translator, combined into one easy interface.

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Wordfast Translation Memory Tools

Wordfast and have partnered to provide true choice in translation memory and translation workflow
solutions for our clients and a far better user experience than the translation-related software tools market currently offers.

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Contact Us is headquartered in New York City, but even in this age of ever-increasing virtuality, we still believe that face-to-face interaction can be an important success factor in establishing and maintaining a positive business partnership. Particularly for complex or longer-term localization initiatives, sitting down to discuss the specifics of a project while it's still in its embryonic stages will have benefits that carry through the entire production process. considers this level of local, personalized client service to be critical, and we are always ready, willing, and able to meet with you on your home turf. That’s why we’ve established offices in over 90 cities worldwide, focusing particularly on cities where our clients are concentrated.

For more information about any of our solutions or global locations, you can always call our corporate headquarters at +1 212.689.1616, email us at, or simply use the contact form below:

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