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GlobalLink® Magento Adaptor

Magento Enterprise is an open-source e-commerce platform that offers users a high degree of flexibility and control over the catalog, content, functionality, and user experience of their online stores. Thousands of the world's leading merchants and brands currently use Magento to manage their online retail efforts.

Translations.com's GlobalLink Project Director integrates seamlessly with Magento Enterprise. Through GlobalLink Project Director, users can initiate, automate, control, track, and complete all facets of the Magento translation process via the Magento UI. The unique combination of Magento functionality and the extended localization workflow capabilities of GlobalLink Project Director gives customers of Magento and GlobalLink a comprehensive solution for managing enterprise content for markets around the globe.

Workflow Automation

GlobalLink allows users to initiate translation requests directly from the Magento UI. Catalog content can be sent directly to GlobalLink for management of:

  • Translation Memeory (TM) Stores previously translated content, enabling GlobalLink clients to reuse existing translations where appropriate.
  • Terminology Resources Together with TM,terminology and glossary assets help maintain brand consistency and reduce costs.
  • Content Validation End users can review the translated content and save any edits to the TM for use in future projects.

GlobalLink Magento Adaptor

GlobalLink Magento Commerce Exension


Seamless Integration

Business users can initiate translation workflows directly from the Admin Catalog page on an as-needed or scheduled basis. Catalog content is delivered directly to GlobalLink via web services, eliminating the need for manual export and import of content.

Content Control

In addition to giving Magento users the ability to easily identify and route content for translation, GlobalLink provides enhanced control over the source-language content and submission scheduling. For example, users can indicate a preference that only updated or new catalog content is submitted for translation.

Rapid Return on Investment

GlobalLink provides immediate relief to IT departments and business users who are overburdened by the complex demands of supporting manual initiation and control of multilingual content workflows. The integrated solution also provides better visibility into the localization process for budgetary analysis.

Resource Flexibility

GlobalLink is a vendor-neutral solution that gives users the flexibility to work with Translations.com or with any combination of internal and external language service providers.

Key Features Benefits
Deep Magento Integration
  • Scheduled or on-demand translation initiation through Magento Enterprise Admin Catalog
  • One-click export and import of catalog content.
  • Web services integration with localization workflow engine.
  • Automatic handling of custom custom product attributes.
Seamless UI Experience
  • Leverage existing Magento Commerce user knowledge by controlling all translation functionality within a familiar environment.
  • Rapid implementation.
Workflow Integration
  • Automatically import translations into Magento catalogs.
  • Eliminate hand-off delays and reduce translation turnaround times.
Event-Based Email Notifications
  • Reduces communication overhead.
  • Provides an auditable process framework.
Enterprise-Class Security
  • Meets strict enterprise network security requirements.
  • Replaces traditionally unsecure email and ftp transfer of sensitive content.
On-Demand Analytics
  • Provides metrics to gauge the success of strategic global content initiatives.
  • Increases accountability of diverse project teams and business units.