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GlobalLink® Project Director Adaptor for Tridion

Translations.com’s GlobalLink Tridion Adaptor offers Tridion users a powerful solution to initiate, automate, control, track, and complete all facets of the content translation process directly within the Tridion user interface.

Combining Tridion’s advanced web content management features with the extended localization workflow capabilities of GlobalLink Project Director, the GlobalLink Tridion extension gives users a comprehensive platform to manage enterprise content for markets around the globe.

Content Control

Integration between Tridion and GlobalLink Project Director offers users the ability to easily select and route content for translation. Content can be selected manually or via automated workflow integration. And since GlobalLink Project Director is vendor-neutral, Tridion users can work with any combination of internal or external translation resources—all coordinated through a centralized application that offers advanced project tracking and reporting.

Project Director Adaptor For Tridion At A Glance

GlobalLink EPiServer Adaptor GlobalLink EPiServer Gadgets

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Seamless Integration

Business users can initiate translation workflows in GlobalLink without having to leave the Tridion user interface. Content can also be automatically routed for translation via workflow integration.

Translation Memory Integration

The integration of GlobalLink Project Director with GlobalLink TM Server enables Tridion users to realize the benefits of translation memory (TM) on all of their projects. Translation memory is a tool that stores previously translated content, allowing clients to reuse content where appropriate. This integration provides Tridion users with maximum cost savings and flexibility, since source-language content is automatically routed into a translation workflow and pre-processed against a server-based TM, which pre-populates projects with 100% match content before the project is submitted for localization. Tridion users can also request multiple estimates, receive instant price quotes, and have complete visibility into translation memory leveraging statistics via the GlobalLink Project Director dashboard.

Effortless Deployment

The integration of GlobalLink Project Director with Tridion has a minimal impact on your IT environment and staff. No dedicated hardware or IT personnel are required, and Translations.com will provide world-class technical support and installation services to meet all your global needs.

Translation Lifecycle Management

With GlobalLink's change management functionality, you no longer have to manually select content for translation. The GlobalLink Tridion adaptor tracks all content additions and modifications and can be configured to submit any new or changed content for translation to ensure that all translated versions always remain in sync with the latest changes made to your source content.

Rapid Return on Investment

GlobalLink Project Director provides immediate relief to IT departments and business users overburdened by the complex demands of supporting manual initiation and control of multilingual content workflows. The integrated solution also provides better visibility into the localization process for budgetary analysis.


Key Features Benefits
Tridion Integration
  • Browse and submit components, pages, and metadata for translation using the Tridion content management interface.
  • Export content for translation from Tridion with no manual conversion or IT dependencies.
  • Automatically import translations back into target publications.
  • Tridion users receive automated email notifications from GlobalLink Project Director regarding project milestones and status changes.
  • Easily create custom processes for different file formats.
  • Build business user or vendor-specific workflows.
Translation Memory Integration
  • Pre-process content against translation memory.
  • Automatically populate files with 100% match content.
  • Create .TXML, .XLIFF, and .TTX formats.
  • Reduce translation costs and turnaround time.
  • Maximize content consistency.
Vendor Management
  • Support a multi-vendor approach for localization.
  • Store rate and turnaround time metrics.
  • Create workflows for internal resources.
Project Tracking
  • Real-time status updates on all projects.
  • View delivery schedules and track performance.
Automated File Parsing
  • Automatically extract content from virtually any file format.
  • Prepare content segments for translation with no manual effort.
Advanced Reporting
  • Track spend and TM leveraging statistics.
  • Configure reports by user, organization, or vendor.


The GlobalLink Product Suite

An Enterprise Platform for Managing Multilingual Content

GlobalLink is a modular suite of technology products that provides enterprise-wide solutions for organizations that must communicate globally.

For today’s multinational organizations, providing in-language business information for stakeholders around the world is no longer optional; it is a prerequisite for success. With companies generating more content than ever before, it is apparent that the ability to relay information across languages in a cost- and time-efficient manner has evolved into an essential business function.

The GlobalLink Product Suite drastically reduces the time, effort, and money required not only in the translation process itself, but also in each area of workflow surrounding the management of multilingual content. Each product in the suite can function either independently or as part of an integrated system to drive maximum efficiency.

The GlobalLink Product Suite includes: